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Dernières nouvelles

2018-05-23 | Business/economy | Connected mobility

Bosch continues double-digit growth in China

*Strong growth: sales increase to 14.9 billion euros *Connected mobility: new plant drives connectivity strategy *Diverse potential: China important for mobility services and Industry 4.0 *Capital expenditure 2017: at around 840 million euros, up 25 percent plus

2018-05-22 | Actualités Groupe

Bosch presents new Xelum R&D

*From the development of new products through to production *Precise dosing of smallest amounts of API *Integrated dry blender with up to four loss-in-weight feeders *Direct 1:1 transfer from Xelum R&D to Xelum production equipment plus

2018-05-17 | Two Wheeler | Connected mobility

Fewer accidents: Bosch is teaching motorcycles how to see and feel

*Bosch board of management member Hoheisel: “Bosch is taking motorcycling safety to a whole new level” *One in seven motorcycle accidents could be prevented using radar-based assistance systems *Improved safety and enjoyment: radar is becoming a sensory organ for motorcycles *New Bosch technology to feature in production models from KTM and Ducati plus

2018-05-17 | Electrified mobility | Powertrain systems

Diesel breakthrough at Bosch: your questions answered

*New Bosch diesel prototype emits just 13 milligrams of NOx per kilometer *Why is this breakthrough based on existing technology? *When will the new powertrain be installed in vehicles? plus

2018-05-17 | Actualités Groupe

Reliable consulting and maintenance

*Service and consulting are decisive criteria in the purchase of an eBike *Bosch supports dealers with specialised tools and training *Professional maintenance and retrofitting at dealers plus